Understanding Camera Metering – Best Metering Mode for Video Exposure (Evaluative, Center, or Spot)

Have you ever been filming and got awesome footage just to get home, upload it, and find that it was underexposed or overexposed? Well, your camera metering system may not be telling you exactly what you think it is. Learn how to understand your various camera metering modes in this camera metering tutorial!

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Understanding what is exposure and getting it right can be difficult at first with so many different settings on your camera and exposure meter. In this video you’ll learn about stops of light and how that relates to understanding exposure using your camera metering system. You’ll learn what evaluative metering, center-weighted metering, and spot metering are as well as best times to use those various camera metering modes. We hope this video by Camber Motion will help you understand metering in camera so that you can always get your exposure nailed in order to get the best footage possible!

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