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License Pricing

  • – The Best PHP Real Estate Classifieds Script on the net
  • FREE installation with every license purchase
  • Onetime license free per domain
  • – FREE updates/upgrades for life of product
  • – FREE fault (bug) support via email


Question: What does the price include?

Answer: The price includes the following:

  • License to run software on 1 domain.
  • Free installation, more details
  • Free email fault (bug) support.

Question: What are the software requirements?

Answer: Click here for software requirements.

Question: Does the software support international addresses?

Answer: Currently PHP REC is designed for the 50 US states. The source files are not encoded and modifications are allowed in accordance with the software license agreement (no resell or ownership rights). You would need to modify the source files to include a country field. This would required some PHP and MySQL knowledge.

Question: How do I translate?

Answer: You can translate the software by modifying the source and template files, with the majority of the language in the template files (front end).

Question: Are updates/upgrades free?

Answer: Yes, updates/upgrades are free of charge with a license purchase for the life of the product. You can download the latest version of the software at any time by using the download link provided at the time of purchase or on your order history page.

Question: Is there any hidden fees?

Answer: No, only a onetime license fee per domain.

Question: Do you offer paid support (free quotes)?

Answer: Paid support is offered at a rate of USD per hour with a min 1 hour. For a free quote please send a detailed outline of the work needed to [email protected]. Paid support is paid via email invoice (online credit card or PayPal). Currently Western Union payments are not accepted.

Question: Do you offer discounts of bulk license purchases?

Answer: Yes, on request a discount of 20% is offered on bulk license purchases of 5 or more. Licenses must be purchased at the same time. For a free quote on 20+ licenses please send an email to [email protected]


We see that the zip codes and states and so on are from the US. Is it possible to change it to our states and cities?


You can manage states, county and cities in the admin panel.

How to manage default states:

How to manage county/cities:

The “interactive mapping” on the front page would only work for the US. You would also need to modify the Google AJAX API to send you country code not the US when geocoding addresses. I can point you in the right direction for this.


You have some other “gadget” in your script like local schools, local news, weather and so on. is that something we can change to use for our country?


The local schools is a web form the opens a new window into a school listing website with the user’s search info. You would need to locate a website that has school info for your country then change the form fields and form action to that website. The weather is Yahoo RSS weather that is fetched using a zip code. Yahoo does offer international weather. You would need to modify the weather source to hard code a default weather because a zip code search is only for the US.


Agents, Do they get their “own site” where they can add as many houses and pictures as they want?


The software doesn’t differentiate between an agent or a member. However, member can login and manage their listing. Each listing has information about the seller populated by the member’s information. Please try the member’s section on the online demo:


Is it possible to add video (360 degree view of a house) in the agent account?


Each property can have many different types of files uploaded/attached to it including video.

How to manage property files:

What types of files can be uploaded:


Can they get free listings for the houses?


Sure, you can create paid or free credit packages in the admin panel that will be available for members.

Managing payment gateways and packages:


You have a “quick search” on the top left side of your demo site. Is it possible to change the search criterea from “zip code” to city or other tings.


Sure, you will notice that all search forms, browse by state links all go to the same search results page. You can always take items from the advanced search and move them to the quick search by modifying the template files. The search results is very flexable you can even tell it to produce different types of output e.g. XML


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