Overwatch: Zarya Guide – 5 CRITICAL Tips to WIN (2020)

Presenting an Overwatch Zarya Guide with 5 crucial tips and tricks to winning with the Queen of Bubbles. Learn how to when to use your bubbles, rotate correctly, and nail your Graviton Surge to boost your SR. Let us know what you think in the comments and if you like the content, please like and subscribe! Thank you SO MUCH for watching!

1. Bubble Priority:
At the start of the match, determine who you will be using your bubbles on. Overwatch is a super complicated game, and it can be frustrating!Especially when you feel like the people you are going up against are just better than you. But What most players don’t realize is that scaling from bronze all the way up to the overwatch league, players just get better at what we call Min/maxing. What that means is minimizing mistakes and maximizing opportunities to get kills or value from your hero at all times. Sure, mechanics play a big part as well, but I’m certain it’s a lot less than most people think in these situations that you’re losing and you can’t understand why. So…an easy way to min/max as Zarya is to determine who you’re going to be using your projected barriers on before the match so you are getting maximum value out of them and not putting any to waste. Waiting until the game starts to make these decisions or not thinking about it at all makes your brain have to make more decisions in critical times where you should be thinking about other, more relevant things like who on your team to protect or where the enemy is positioned and what ultimates they have online.
2. Rotation
Nailing your Rotation. Zarya is not a main tank as we traditionally know them because what she makes up for in damage output she lacks in damage mitigation, both for herself and for her team. With only 200 HP on your personal bubble, you constantly need to be around cover. Even with your personal, the amount of time it takes to delete you with some well-placed head shots can be incredibly surprising.It is a game of leapfrog where you step in front of Rein shield, briefly, and take the Agro while charging your weapon. Once your bubble has expired, retreat behind Rein‘s shield, wait until he starts taking fire again, and use your projected on him.
3. Primary/Secondary
Right click and left click management. Quick disclaimer, the gameplay that I have here is not a very good example of this tip I’m giving you and it’s something I am currently working on myself. Right and left click management helps you maximize the damage you’re outputting at all times regardless of your charge. As soon as possible, you want to learn the rotation between your primary fire and your alternate fire to get max damage. In this first example here I’m just using primary fire and you can see how slow the practice bot dies. In the second example, you can also see that just right clicking your target is also pretty ineffective. The third example is the ideal method you should be using to deal max damage. Rotating between your right click and left click is the way to maximize your damage per second as well as toss the character that you’re firing up into the air for easy tracking.
4. Graviton Surge
Ulting, your teammates and you. It’s my opinion that Zaria should be the most educated player on the field at all time about everyone’s ultimate charge; the enemy team but more importantly your team . Her ultimate is one of the best cc ultimates of all time but without a team to capitalize with you it does nothing. I know this tip is not super unique but it is so important and such a common mistake that I see to this day of Zaria‘s throwing their ult into the mix because they think it can win them the team fight on its own. BUT, You need significant damage dealing heroes on your team to capitalize on your ultimate during the regular fight or another ultimate on your team to pair it with.
5. Dont Chase
Don’t chase your teammates to bubble them unless they have an ultimate planned. So many times in game I see someone that desperately needs my help and I have my projected bubble ready to cast. They are behind a wall or for some reason out of my line of sight or range for my project in, so I rushed in behind them trying to get the perfect line of sight to save their life.



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