Mind-Blowing Magic Magnets – Smarter Every Day 153

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This technology is a fundamental breakthrough in manufacturing. This is a big deal.
Ambiance and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery who also did the outro music.


These are called “Polymagnets” or “Programmable Magnets” or “Printable Magnets” or “Printed Magnets”.

People asking for the spring latch can get them here:

Here’s the Polymagnet homepage:

The magnet I used in the pull test demo was part number 1000425. You can find it in the interactive catalog here:

I want you to spend some time with Maxwell’s Equations:

(If I did this right these should be working Amazon affiliate links to purchase the stuff I like to use. When people purchase from these links it will support Smarter Every Day.)

❓Mystery Item (just for fun):
Things I use and like:
📷Camera I use :
Favorite Lens:
On-camera Mic:
Lav Mic:
Hot shoe mount for Lav Receiver:
My Tripod:
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Favorite SD Card:
💾How I get footage off my phone:
Travel Tripod:
My Backpack:
My Headlamp:
Favorite Bidet:
World Map:
Favorite Shoes:
Everyone needs a snatchblock:
🥽Goggle Up! :

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