Logitech G430 Windows 10 All Fixes – part I

This are the most common issues users have with the Logitech G430 headset and with Logitech Gaming Software . This list was tested , is up to date and was made after consulting forums , complaints and comments from my previous video.

1. Surround and Volume Fix
Logitech windows 8.1 drivers
64 bit :
32 bit :

2.Additional Volume Fix
Not recommended for laptops , because this fix will also allow you to have the same sound at the same time on 2 devices , in this case speakers + headphones .

3. Microphone quality , echo and static fix
For quality you need to plug the pink jack into the motherboard , and change the sample rate to at least dvd quality , choose the best one and work your way down , because some sound cards will give an error on different samples. By inserting the jack into the motherboard you should also get rid of the echo of your voice when you use your mic. To remove the static from your mic a very simple way is to turn down the mic boost at zero or close to zero if you feel that your voice has a low volume.

4.Mute mic : Skype and Teamspeak
Windows uses a priority system when it comes to playing sound from your mic , this creates a issue when using skype or teamspeak , just un check the boxes under exclusive mode .

5. Background static fix
After a big update from windows , especially those that contain drivers , can sometimes cause software malfunction. To fix reinstall your motherboards audio drivers (download from official website ).
CPU-Z link :

6. No device detected :

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